Lately i came across a Windows 7 Installation with the Boot Error 0xc000000e it ended up with a quick Bluescreen and started all over again. Here i show you how easy and fast you can solve this Boot problem.

First head to your BIOS and check if your Harddisk ist recognized from your BIOS. If your Harddisk is recognized, thats good news. if not your Harddisk is broken and you need to replace it.

Still in BIOS please set your CDROM first in the Bootorder Setting.

Now start from your Windows 7 Installation CD. Here you click Next

And now click on Repair your computer

In the System Recovery Options, click on Command Prompt

On the Command Prompt, you do this:

  1. Check if you can access your C: – Just type in C: and hit Enter
  2. Mostlikely you get a CRC Failure
  3. Type – chkdsk C: /f /r this will repair Bad Harddisk Sectors
  4. After this you check if you can access C: – Type C: and Enter
  5. Now you are on C:
  6. Fix your Masterbootrecord with – bootrec /fixmbr
  7. and bootrec /fixboot
  8. last type this – bootrec /rebuildbcd

Eject your Windows 7 CD and make sure you set your Harddisk as first Bootorder in BIOS and start up.

Your Windows 7 should now start up again.

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