If you like to cleanup your Windows 10 System and get rid off outdated Windows Updates then you can do this with Windows 10 Onboard tools.

Clean up with Fileexplorer

1.) First open up Fileexplorer and right click on your C:\ Drive and press Properties

2.) Now you click Disk Cleanup

3.) And now you go for Clean up system files

4.) Here you can check – Windows Update Cleanup to clean old Windows Update Files

Cleanup with Powershell

if you are familiar with Powershell you can do the cleanup steps with Powershell.

There are 3 Powershell Scripts you can decide from:

1.) The updated components are immediately deleted.

2.) This Option deletes all superseded versions of every components. Be aware that all existing service packs and updates cannot be uninstalled after this command is completed. But this option will not block the uninstallation of service packs or updates installed later on.

3.) This one is useful after installing a service pack on your system. The /SPSuperseded switch option removes all backup components needed to uninstall the service pack. You cannot remove the service pack anymore after using this command.

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