Recently i updated a Windows 10 Pro from

1703 (Redstone 2, Creators Update)  to 1803 (Redstone 4 Spring Update) and i ran into this:

Update with Media Creation Tool . After an hour updating the PC restarted and gave me an Error Message “Something went wrong…”
Error 0xc1900208 after the second try i got Error 0x000000f

Here the solution:

Go to Fileexplorer search for C:\swsetup and rename it to C:\swsetup.old.

In this folder there are all HP Drivers, you dont need them. If you are curios you can move the whole folder to an external USB Stick.

After you hav e done this the updates will install.

If you still experience update problems then:

  1. Go to Filexplorer
  2. Open Directory -> C:\Windows\Panther\
  3. Search for ComppatData* File (open the newest file)
  4. Look out for the Line “CompatibilityInfo Blocking Type=”Hard” behind this line you will find the Problem Software which caused the Error in my case it was “Infineon TPM Professional” Driverpackage in c:\swsetup

For more detail informations head over to microsoft docs

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