Here i introduce you to VeraCrypt an Encryption Software based on the TrueCrypt Code. TrueCrypt closed its doors in April 2014. Why nobody knows. You can install VeraCrypt on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Here you see all Download Releases

Download Veracrypt Releases

Now i show you how to create a encrypted container. The Container is a fixed sized drive which can be saved on diffrent Filestorage. The Container is fully encrypted. The Advantage of a encrypted Container is that is portable. Also you dont need to mount the Container everytime the system starts. you mount only when needed.

Ok, lets start.

First you need to create a Volume

Here we choose Create encrypted file container

For now we just create a normal standart volume

Next we create the file container on our filesystem. Click on Select file… and create the file in your directory.

Here you can choose your encryption algorithm. i always take AES.

We are nearly there. Define your Size of your file container.

On here you save your Password. take a strong one with at least 8 characters (Numbers and Symbols)

Choose here your prefered Fileformat. i take FAT. and then move your mouse around for at least 15 seconds until the progress bar is green.

Then you press format – after this you successfully created an encrypted file container on your filesystem

Now we need to mount the file container. Select your Drive. I go for A: and click on Select File and head to your file container directory and choose the file and click on mount

After clicking on mount – you need to enter your password

Here you go, you have now mounted your 4GB encrypted file container. you can now access it from windows explorer an start copy/create your files within

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