With ninite Pro you can update your 3rd party Software on all your Clients within your Network. If you like to try out the Pro version you can
register yourself and download it for free here

You can do this by selecting your Apps you like to update. Press down CTRL to select more Apps.


After you selcted your Apps, you can select your action.


If you are unsure about your installations choose audit to scan your computer. After this you will know your installation


Close your Audit, and press select updates (ninite selects all your apps who needs an update) and click on install.


Now you can do your updates within an Active Directory Enviroment. You even can shedule to different OU’s.
This allows you to update different locations on different weekdays.

First of all you need to create an Serviceaccount in your Active Directory. Something like « saninite_install ».
This Account needs to have Local Admin Rights on every Client you like to run your ninite. To achieve this you need to create a Group Policy and link it to all your Computer OU’s.

I created a GPO with the name LocalAdmins. Under Computer/Policies/Windows Setting/Restricted Groups select and add your saninite_install Serviceaccount to the Builtin\Administrators Members.


For the Schedule part. Create a basic Task. Point to your Ninite.exe Path and put the Parameters in.

In my case this was

/remoteauth rda.local\ninite yourPassword /silent c:\ninite\ou_csv\ou_bahnhofstrasse_log.csv /remote ad:”OU=Bahnhofstrasse Computers,OU=berne,DC=rda,DC=local” /exclude Teamviewer “Citrix Receiver” /kill /updateonly

This will create al log file an will update all computers within the mentioned OU.
You can exclude Software you dont want to update with the parameter /exclude.
I have also the parameter /kill this will kill all Apps Tasks who needs to be updated.

Check out all the parameters/switches there are from ->




I updated my computers always at noon to reach as many computers, as the computers must be online to receive the updates.
Because i have the kill parameter/switch active I needed to communicate the maintenance window to all users.

I have made some tests with Wake-on-lan (WOL.exe) to update the Computers at night.
This works great. Here you need to make sure your Computers always have an active powersource.
Some Users have a Powerswitchoff Button they use on their Plugbar.