A lot of us uses NAS Storage these days. Synology NAS often likes to do a DATA Scrubbing of the RAID System. If you login you get a pop to tell you its time for another DATA Scrubbing on your RAID. To avoid this Message, you can simply add a scheduled task wich does the DATA Scrubbing automatic every month.

Here is how to install your Script

1. First you need to download PuTTy to access your NAS Storage through SSH.
2.Type in your NAS IP (in my case and press open (if you get a network failure, you need to activate SSH on your NAS.)

3. Type in your NAS Credentials

4. Type in th following code

5. Now you get your mdX devices (in my case md0, md1 and md2)
These mdX you use to create the actual Scrubbing Script

6. Your Script should look like this

7. Now you create your scheduled task on your NAS (Login through Browser)

8. Make sure your script look like this and has not any HTML Forwarders like &gt in it.

9. Thats it now your NAS will do the DATA Scrubbing every month automatic 😉

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