If you like to password protect your Disk for example your USB Disk Drive. You easy can do this with Rohos Mini Drive Free edition.

  • It creates an encrypted (AES 256bit) partion or container on your USB Disk or portable HDD. Its protected with your Password.
  • The Free Edition is limited to 8GB encryption size. If you need more space you need a licence

Lets see how to do it

1. First Download the software and install it on your Computer.
2. Connect your USB Drive or portable HDD you like to protect
3. start rohos mini drive software
4. Click on Encrypt USB Drive and go through the process. You need to give a Password. and thats it.

5. If you like to access your rohos encrypted drive. You see those two files. double click rohos mini.exe and Enter your Password. in an instant you will see your encrypted files.

I personally use this software to encrypt my USB Disks and Files. My files are usually not bigger than 8GB so i use the Free Version only.

Do you use another encrypt Software? yes, please let me know.

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