You may come across installing Linux Ubuntu on Microsoft HyperV. Like any other VM you need to install the Integration Services for Hyper-V.

In this article I show you how you install the (LIS) Linux Integration Services successfully.

First of all you need to edit the modules File which is located in /etc/initramfs-tools
You do this with the command:

in the file you navigate right to the bottom an enter the follwing lines:


Save the file with CTRL+X and press Y for yes and then Enter. The file is now saved.

Now we need to initalize the modules file and install the Integration Services and reboot the Server
First of all you enter this command:

After this you enter this command:

and after this we reboot our server with:

After the reboot the Linux Integration Services (LIS) are successfully installed. You can check this just enter the command lsmod and check if you see the name hv_*


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