Today i show you how to create a VPN Connection between 2 Fritzbox Networks.

These Days you get a managed Router from your ISP which is in most times locked down to basic settings. you cant create vpn, ddns, dhcp settings. Therefore i decided to buy me a Fritzbox which has all these options open.

To Access the Internet with the new Fritzbox you first need to login to your ISP Router and set the Bridge Mode. On the Fritzbox itself under Internet/Accessdata you need to set the setting External Router or Modem. After this reboot both Routers and thats it.

Now for the VPN Network

– Make sure you use the following Networkaddresses.

On Site A – 192.168.10.X,
On Site B – 192.168.20.X,

– Create a MyFritz Account to make your both Fritzboxes accessible from the Internet – AVM Link (german)

After this, go through the AVM VPN Instructions 1 – 4 at the AVM Fritzbox Website – AVM Link (german)

On point 4 you can decide if you want the VPN Connection to always stay connected or only to be connected when needed. I went for the second one.

To see if your VPN works head to the Overview Page of the Fritzbox

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