A Computer Restore Point let make you a snapshot of your Systemstate and in case something goes wrong with your PC you can restore your PC to the time the Restore Point was created.

I wrote 3 Powershellscripts who creates a Scheduled Task (runs daily at 4PM), Enables the Restorepoint on your Computer and makes a Registry configuration.

1.) Create a Directory called C:\scripts
2.) Download all my Powershell script files here
2.) Extract all 3 .ps1 files to C:\scripts
3.) Open Powershell with Administrator Privileges
4.) Type Set-Exectionpolicy unrestricted
5.) Type A for yes to all and press Enter
6.) Right Click “RunAsAdmin.ps1” and run it with Powershell
4.) Click yes on the Powershell Dialog Box.
5.) Now the Script enabled the computer restorepoint configuration, created a Scheduled Task and runs every day on 4PM.

My 3 scripts in detail

This script elevates the rights on the calling Powershell script.

This Script creates a Scheduled Tasks and Enables the Computer Restorepoint configuration and it also creates a Registry setting, which allows you to create a Restore Point all 6 hours (-Value 360).

This Script creates a Computer Checkpoint with the actual date

This is tested with Windows 10, tell me if it works with other OS.